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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Beautiful Family of Mine

Good morning! Today I woke up on the floor of my younger cousin's room, slighty confused about where I was. Then, after reality struck.... my parents and I traveled 8.5 hours to Charlotte, NC to stay with my uncle and his family. Today my uncle's family, and my little trio will depart again and it's off to Florida we go for the week! This "family" vacation doesn't quite feel right only because it's not really the whole family. A majority of "the Weekly's" live in Virginia, but they won't be joining us on our trip. I have found myself keeping them updated on our whearabouts throughout the drive to here, and  I will most likely do the same on the way to Florida. I'm hoping that my awesome daddy will submit to my "pleading" (I only really asked once, and gave my reasoning) that on our way home we should stop in Virginia, then the word family can truly be used to describe this week. I often feel as if the distance doesn't exsist at all between my family and I, but then I realize that as much as I know, I know very little about them at all. Well, with teh exception of one of my gorgeous cousins that is. Hahaha I have beeen tossing an idea around in my head lately, though I haven't made it totally public yet. I want to do some praying and definietly some more peparation, but I think it'll work out as the time draws closer. Well.... I guess that's enough rammbling for the day, I'll keep ya'll updated on our fabulous trip! The whole point of this blog, in case it isn't totally clear because I tend to get sidetracked, is that I absolutely love my family, and wish that I could be so much closer to them! I also wish that we could all get together more than the once or twice a year that we do, but who knows if that'll ever work. Haha All that matters is that we all love eachother, and honestly...someone told me once "no matter how far apart we find eachother, we'll always be close in our hearts." Have a great day ya'll, may God bless you and your beaustiful family!


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  1. I hope you have a great time with your family on your Va-k!!!!! and i know how it feels to want to get together with the whole family sometime and not be sure if that's ever gona happen, but i keep praying and i know it'll happen someday, I am also a big family girl. i find my family hilarious, special and uniwue and i treasure every moment i do get to spend with them :)