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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


He said to me, "Son of man, stand up on
 your feet and I will speak to you."      
                                  Ezekiel 2:1               

'Go now to your countrymen in exile and speak to them, "This is what  the Sovereign Lord syas; whether they listen or fail to listen."                          
           Esekiel 3:11

Wow! What an awesome God we serve!! Last my mom and I were talking about how to talk to people about God in their lives without being so preachy we actually drive them further away. So this morning my prayer to God was of guidance in a way to talk about Him to others, In the stillness (or at least the attempt at stillness) I read Ezekiel 2. My Bilble has subject titles, and the subject title for Ezekiel 2 is "Ezekiel's Call." The whole chapter is God telling Ezekiel that He will speak to him, and then God sending Ezekiel to rebellious Israel to speak to them on what the LORD says. This is the command many christians know wme ell- witness! Any person we surround ourselves with who is rebellious from the Lord, we are called to speak to them of what the Lord says. Then, the command is continued on into chapter 3. God tells Ezeki el to tell the people what the Lord says. What totally floors me is that God specifically tells Ezekiel to tell the people regardless of if they listen or not. We are the Ezekiels of the day. God calls us to spread the word whether they listen or not. Oh, boy!

Lord you are awesome! Have all of me Lord, and use me for your glory. Keep me up God, and let me/ teach me to spread the light. Thank you Jesus for yoru ultimate sacrfice.

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  1. Ok, This is AWAOME! That has been my prayer since Camp. I wanted to share GOD's Love and HIS word with others without it being Awkward for them or being like you said to preachy...I've been praying that GOD would just lead me and teach me how to spread HIS word all around, and reading this right now was so AWSOME! GOD IS JUST SO COOL!!!!!!!