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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Luke 7:50

Jesus said to the woman, "Your faith has saved you; go in peace."
              Luke 7:50

This morning before beginning to journal I prayed to God about what I call the "bad feeling." It's a sickly feeling I get in my stomach when something of moderate to severe badness is going to happen. It also seems that this feeling comes more strongly when I am trying to dive into my faith. The last time I had this feeling, I prayed to the Lord to take it from me if it was not of Him. And in time, the feeling faded as I began to trust in the Lord. This morning I again prayed that prayer, but my humanly mind is so consumed with thoughts that I can't seem to release it to Him. God has brought me out of so many pits in my life, and I know that Satan is trying to attack me to block my path to the Almighty. So I asked the Lord to show me His love, mercy, and understanding, I felt a small voice lead me to Luke 7. Not knowing the exact verse in Luke 7, I read the chapter, Out of all the verses, one stuck out to me. The very last one. I felt like God tapped me on the shoulder and whispered in my ear "Faith sets you free, have peace." I trust the Lord and will follow Him steadfast all of my days.

Father God, you're so awesome, thank you for all the ways you daily show me your love and grace. I love you, Lord. Please take each and everyone of my thoughts, I surrender them all to you. May your light shine through me to those in need, but let not their darkness consume me. I go in peace for I know that you are my rock and comforter. Thank you Lord, I love you my precious heavenly father. May your grace follow me through my day.

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  1. what a trully amazing verse! :) i think that is something we all go through, thoughts always try to attack us and that is something we should all do and sometimes it can seem hard but we need to surrender all our thoughts and just leave everything in GOD's hands and completely trust HIM, that's how we find that true undescribable peace that only HE can give us.